As promised, I’m posting a bit about how Songseeker got started and where the ideas came from. This looking back is a good exercise for me — as long as I don’t get so caught up in it I get lost and lose the story. 🙂

The idea for Songseeker came from a dream. In the summer of 2004 I dreamed an encounter that left an impression. As I recorded in my LiveJournal at the time, “I had a brief impression of unruly black hair trailing down a very tan back, and shockingly blue eyes. He whispered to me, ‘Every song is a prayer. What are your songs?’ And then he was gone, just like that.”

I knew there was a story there, and over the course of the summer I pondered it a lot and came up with this sketch:


All he needed was a setting and a story.

I had to put the idea to bed for a while before I could attend to it, though; 2004-2007 were awash in upheaval and change.

In 2007 I found myself wanting to write a graphic novel, and returned to the character, thinking him a good candidate. I was right! But he and the story would undergo many transmutations before it arrived where it is now. 

Until next time!