I know my last update was due a while ago, but I have really been struggling with this latest page — and just today it finally occurred to me why. And yes, it is story/character-related. I think the Jackal has been screaming at me for four weeks about it but I just wasn’t hearing as I wrestled with the drawing and inking parts of this page.

But now the clue brick finally hit me.

So while I bandage my bruises and re-draw this whole page, here’s a sketch.The Jackal and his Heron

Things may be changing for Songseeker — in part because I am not happy with the art I’m creating for it, and I don’t feel comfortable yet with the creation process I’ve established. I feel as though I’m trying to fit my art to the story, and not the other way around. Honestly, I don’t know which is the right way.

The other reason I’m contemplating changes is that for financial reasons I am having to find other income-generating activities, which means Songseeker is being set aside more often that I like for a serial. It is unfair to you, the reader; and bad for audience-building. I would like to be able to offer more frequent updates, but the only way to do that is to change the type of work I’m creating. As we proceed, then, you may see changes in the way Songseeker is presented… and hopefully, you’ll see more of the story. 🙂